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mcgt wrote in many_blessings

The winds of change are a blowin'

With the dawn of a new era in the United States, I'm drawn to note that these changes feel similar to my own.
The awakening of my senses (all 6 of them!) and the changes I feel I need to make to be true to  myself.
So similar to how Barack is changing things to be more in tune with his values, so must I.

I have been keeping my beliefs and studies of the intuitive arts (as I will call them) a secret from everyone I know.  My fear of how they will react to me - in my conservative suburban location - stuns my growth.

Has anyone else out there found a way of relating to their peers when you're heart has just made an epiphany?
I know that fear is what is blocking my progress - and yet, I don't know how to progress.  Stuck in a closet waiting for "just the right time" that may never actually be ever "right".

SO - Let's discuss... how did you "come out"?  What was people's reactions to it? 

Where do you find support for your gifts?
I'd love to know!

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I've never been too stifled in my abilities. Thanks to my mom allowing me to pursue my own path. My extended family may not understand this side of who I am however. I've been studying astrology for 14 year now. In that time I've also learned to recall my dreams better (many of which are premonitions), and learned to read Tarot cards. Currently I'm reading a book written by Allison DuBois, the person who the tv show Medium is loosely based upon. It's been helpful to read books by others who are psychic. My friends & family don't really understand my abilities however. I can sense energy movement throughout my body & chakras. Many people aren't awakened enough to have those sensations. I just found an online site that I was considering joining where I might be able to discuss things more openly.
Experience Project. They have a section for people who are empaths or clairvoyants.

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Thats excellent that your mother was so supportive of your gifts. I just started this community because I didn't find any that were really active on LJ. So yeah, no members yet, as I just opened it on Thursday I think.
Happy Weekend!!

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