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Introduction - WELCOME
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mcgt wrote in many_blessings
I'm hoping that this community can be a place for people to learn and share their different experiences with the awakening of their intuitive abilities.  I'm just a beginner, but noticed that there really wasn't a place on LJ that had all that I was looking for.  I figured that perhaps there were others out there that might be looking for a "home" too.

I'm currently working on developing my intuitive abilities
I'm a Reiki level I
I'm trying to hear my spirit guides and angels
Still trying to find my place in life.

So this is an open forum.  I hope some people will join me over time!

Many blessings to you!

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are you a psychic? sorry for the question.

No problem. I am currently working on my intuitive abilities. Am I a psychic, I suppose it depends on your definition of the word. Can I see into the future, not at the moment. Can I tell you things about yourself - yes. Thanks for your interest.
Many blessings to you

I was looking for a more active community on LJ than the one I joined years ago (channel_net). I see you've just created this one so I joined. I don't see any members listed however.

Hi Azul - Yes, I just started this community because there really wasn't any real active communities out there. I welcome you to join & post here. Hopefully we can open up the forum for others to post about their ideas and experiences.

Isn't this like going thru a half dark forest with plenty of scary spots but then, you stumble across an open field with some sunlight left?
It's a wonder we still have any sense(s) at all...
Sorry, cannot contribute to the Reiki insight but heard plenty of positive things; hopefully one day.
Would love to explore the 'daytime' fleeting visions & dreams, percentage of accuracy, on & off times (life circumstantial), earliest experiences & so much more.
Also, manifestations during simple meditation, specifically anyone experience the 'involuntary' movement of the head as it rises straight back to the point that your skull is touching your 2/3rd vertebrae? Happens frequently but have a calm feeling & such but not sure how to body/spirit explain it. It's as if the 3rd eye is trying to line itself w/ energy right above me?
Thanx for taking the time to read. Looking Forward,

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